Braille Embossers

Braille Embossers are impact printers which render text as tactile braille cells. When connected to a computer utilizing braille translation software such as our Duxbury DBT, a document can be embossed with relative ease, making braille production efficient and cost-effective. Blind users tend to call other printers “ink printers,” to distinguish them from their braille counterparts. This is often the case regardless of the type of printer being discussed (e.g., thermal printers being called “ink printers” even though they use no ink).

Our Cosmo multi-function Braille device is unique in the industry, as it functions as a Braille Typewriter, Braille Embosser, Braille Input/Output Device for computers, and/or a Braille Trainer.

  • Cosmo functions stand/alone as a Braille Typewriter/Braille Embosser.
  • With the addition of our Duxbury DBT software, Cosmo functions as a Braille Input/output Device for computers, via included USB cable.
  • With the addition of our BERT (Braille Education Remote Tool) software, Cosmo functions as a key component of a Braille Training System featuring a Teacher/Student software structure. Through this structure, teachers post assignments, students login to retrieve and complete assignments, teachers review and post assignments and results. This Teacher/Student Braille training structure functions in the classroom or remotely via the internet.

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