Snow 10 Pro by Zoomax:
10″ High Definition Handheld Video Magnifier


Snow 10 Pro offers the perfect blend of portability, affordability, and advanced functionality typically found in devices costing much more. Includes Text-to-Speech, a built-in 3-way camera (adjustable to near-view, distance-view, or mirror-view,) an MP3 music player, the ability to store up to 1,000 images, and magnification to 19x. An optional unit-powered external USB camera is also available. Snow 10 Pro: helping low vision individuals regain independence!


Snow 10 Pro

Snow 10 Pro – 10″ High Definition Handheld Video Magnifier (with Built-In Text-to-Speech)

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Text-to-Speech – Lets you Listen Instead of Read

Snow 10 Pro can magnify virtually anything it sees, up to 19x. For short amounts of text such as a piece of mail, it’s quick and easy to read everything independently. For longer material, such as a newspaper, reading can take time. It can also be tiring on the eyes. Although, not for users of the Snow 10 Pro! The Snow 10 Pro includes Text-to-Speech, which can be delivered in English, or nearly 20 other selectable languages… with more languages coming. In Text-to-Speech mode simply take a photo. The text will then be converted to speech and read aloud for you. Now you can sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite content.

Reader Mode for Lengthy Articles

Whether you are affected by tunnel vision, distortion, or other eye conditions, reading long text is made easier with help from Reader Mode. Simply take a photo, magnify it, then freely pan horizontally and vertically by swiping a finger across the touch-screen. A reading line will appear, helping ensure you don’t lose your place or move to the wrong line. Best of all, a quick tap in the upper left corner of the screen, and you are taken immediately to the left margin. Reader Mode from ZooMax will change the way you read. Check it out!

Flexible 3-WAY Camera View

All video magnifiers have a camera pointing in the direction of text or objects below (Near-View). A few video magnifiers have a camera which can be adjusted for Near-View, or viewing across a room (Distance-View). Snow 10 Pro offers an additional view (Self-View), for viewing yourself. The built-in 3-position camera facilitates easy selection between; Near-View, Distance-View, and Self-View. When Self-View is selected, the camera changes direction to face the user, thus allowing inspection of ones face or hair, or even makeup application. Perfect!

Audio Playback – Listen to Music and Audiobooks

Another industry first from Zoomax, a built-in, easy to use audio player. Now you can download songs or audiobooks to a USB memory stick, insert it into the USB port, select the song or book you wish to hear, and the device will begin playing the audio file for you. On-screen controls allow for playback start/stop, and volume adjustment. Listen with Snow 10 Pro’s built-in speaker, with your own headphones, or connect to external speakers via the audio jack.

Other Key Features and Benefits

2 Hours Fast Charging
For the first time in a handheld video magnifier, Zoomax introduces fast charging. Unlike other magnifiers requiring up to 5 hours to fully charge the battery, Snow 10 Pro can go from depleted to fully charged, in just 2 hours. Amazing! Thanks to fast charging, your device is always ready to go when you are.
1.5 GB Memory Capacity
With internal memory offering 1.5 GB of storage, Snow 10 Pro lets you store up to 1,000 images which you either create using the Snow 10 Pro camera, or transfer in from another source. Two-way transmission between Snow 10 Pro and a Windows PC is facilitated via the built-in USB port, thus allowing quick and simple transfer of images from one device to the another. Use Snow 10 Pro to capture photos of loved ones, your faithful pet, pictures on walls or in stores, information from the white board at school or work, and much more. Remember to say “Cheese!”
Standby Mode
Not planning to use Snow 10 Pro for a while? A quick press of the power button is all it takes place the unit in standby mode, which saves power, thus allowing you to enjoy longer, more continuous viewing time with your Snow 10 Pro.