M5 HD Plus by Zoomax:
5″ High Definition Handheld Video Magnifier


M5 HD Plus is a high definition handheld video magnifier, with full color, 5″ TFT touch screen. Its compact design, 2.3x – 16x magnification, multi-image storage, near and distance viewing, and reading line & masks make it an ideal video magnifier.


M5 HD Plus

M5 HD Plus – 5″ High Definition Handheld Video Magnifier

View the M5 HD Plus video for
a detailed operational overview!

High Definition Camera and Display

M5 HD Plus image
  • M5 HD Plus is equipped with two 5 megapixel cameras; one for near view, one for distance view.
  • The 5″ Display uses 1280x720p screen technology to achieve maximum readability.


Near View

M5 HD Plus image
  • Simply open the reading stand and place the device on newspapers, photos, or magazines, and read with comfort.
  • 11 Mode Settings; Full Color, and 10 High Contrast foreground/background combinations facilitate selection of the color/contrast choice best for you.
  • Unused foreground/background color combinations may be locked out, leaving 3 modes to select from; Full Color, Your Favorite foreground/background combination, and its inverse.

Distance View

  • M5 HD Plus distance view enables users to figure out farther away object.
  • The switch between near view and distance view is automatic through the reading stand. With the reading stand folded open, near view is set. When the reading stand is folded closed, distance view is set.
  • In distance view, maximum magnification is achieved for reading information on bus stop signs, signboards outside of restaurants, white boards across the classroom, etc.

Internal Storage of up to 60 Images

M5 HD Plus image
  • M5 HD Plus offers storage of up to 60 captured images.
  • Saved images can facilitate your record of reading materials, including books, photos, and information you would like to share with others later.
  • Just save, and check the stored images in your favorite way.

2-way Panning using Navigation Buttons, or Touch Screen

  • Panning enables the user to check every detail when the frozen image is zoomed in.
  • Compared with panning settings of common CCTV magnifiers, M5 HD Plus panning, through both physical buttons and sensitive touch screen, is more intuitive and handy. You are free to choose either way for panning.
  • Use the arrow buttons on the left side, to pan around the image.
  • Press your finger on the touch screen and move it around, to pan around the image.

Adjustable Reading Line and Masks

  • Reading line and masks will make a significant difference for some people with eye conditions leading to vision distortion.
  • M5 HD Plus is one of the few handheld video magnifiers featuring reading line and masks for people in need; adjustable reading line and masks, 4 modes in all, to easily match diverse needs of various requirements.

Intuitive Ease of Operation

  • M5 HD Plus adopts explicit button design for intuitive use, as well as integrated operation to make all functions easily accessible.
  • Compared with video magnifiers requiring complicated manipulation, M5 HD Plus allows implementation of all of its functions and adjustments with fewer combinations of button presses, thus achieving a device made easier for everyone.

Ergonomic Handle (Included)

  • Included with each M5 HD Plus is an easily attachable and detachable ergonomic handle.
  • Designed based on prevailing usage patterns, the handle provides for various holding angles for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.