Cosmo by eBrailler
Multi-function Braille Device
Braille Writer
Braille Input Device
Braille Embosser
Braille Instruction Tool


Ultra-quiet, Portable, Multi-function Braille Device

  • Braille Writer – Use stand-alone as a Braille Writer to create embossed Braille printout directly from Braille keyboard input
  • Braille Input Device/Braille Embosser – Connect to a computer via included USB cable to use as both a Braille Input Device and ultra-quiet Braille Embosser with optional Duxbury Braille Translator software
  • Braille Instruction  – Use with optional BERT software for Teacher/Student Braille instruction in the classroom or remotely over the internet

Easy to use, for youth and adults
Easily maintained


“Cosmo,” the ultra-quiet, portable, multi-function Braille device

    • Use stand-alone as a Braille Writer to type and emboss Braille

    • Connect to computer via USB for use as Braille Input Device and ultra-quiet personal Braille Embosser using optional Duxbury Braille Translator software

    • Use for Remote Braille Instruction with optional BERT (Braille Education Remote Tool) Teacher/Student software

    • Easy for youth and adults to use, and easily maintained

Braille Writer – Cosmo can be used stand-alone as a Braille Writer to input Braille using the built-in Braille keyboard, and print out embossed Braille on a variety of papers, from plain copy paper, to high quality Braille paper.

Braille Input Device/Braille Embosser – Connect Cosmo directly to a computer via included USB cable to use as a personal Input/Output Braille device when used in conjunction with optional Duxbury Braille Translator software¹. Documents or typing are translated to Braille using the Duxbury application. The resulting braille can then be embossed on paper using the Cosmo emboss function in real time, at home, in the classroom, or in the office, without disturbing others.

Remote Braille Instruction – Using optional BERT (Braille Education Remote Tool) software, Cosmo becomes a Teacher/Student internet based Braille learning system for braille instruction in the classroom, or at home. Teachers post lessons or assignments. Students can emboss their lessons or assignments upon receipt. Completed assignments are automatically uploaded by BERT to the given student’s folder in the teacher’s student directory. The teacher may then critique the assignment and return to student for more work, or grade the assignment and archive it with comments for the student. Student may review, but not alter, archived assignments at any time.

Design Innovation – The unique design of Cosmo eliminates the use of electronic parts or wires in the keyboard. Instead, the keyboard utilizes soft touch keys with a living hinge design similar to a piano’s keyboard, and fits in a recess in the top of the case. This design feature protects internal functions, while still allowing the user access to the keyboard for removal and cleaning. Thus, the user can easily remove the keyboard, clean it with soap and a damp cloth, then dry and replace. Likewise, the rugged polymer case can easily be wiped clean of spills or accumulated grime with soap and a damp cloth.


¹The Duxbury Braille Translation application has over 130 languages available. Cosmo is an internationally used Braille device. Math codes, Braille tables, and various Braille translation grades are already available in the Duxbury application.