BERT by eBrailler
(Braille Education Remote Tool)
Software for Braille Instruction (Single User License-Student)


“BERT” (Braille Education Remote Tool):
Internet-based Teacher-to-Student Braille software for Braille instruction in the classroom, or remotely over the internet

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BERT – Braille Education Remote Tool Software

“BERT” (Braille Education Remote Tool):
Internet-based Teacher-to-Student Braille Instruction

For Braille instruction in the classroom, or remotely over the internet

Configuration requirements:

  • “BERT Student Agent” software package for each student (at least one required)
  • “BERT Teacher Agent” Free software package for teachers (at least one required)
  • Cosmo” Multi-function Braille Input/Output Device (sold separately) for Braille input and embossing Output (at least one required)
  • Duxbury DBT” Braille Translation software application (optional – sold separately)

BERT Student Agent

Students accessing the BERT application, are automatically logged into one of two locations:

  1. When there is a current teacher-conducted training session” in progress, and that student has been “invited” by the teacher to participate in the exercise, the “session” screen will automatically open.
  2. If there is no training session in progress, the assignments tab (default) will open, where the student will see homework assignments as posted by the teacher. Students may work in the assignments screen on their own, and at their own pace. When an assignment is finished the student simply uploads the assignment back to the teacher for grading.


  • Real-time student/teacher interaction
  • Current student status and connection status of Cosmo are displayed on-screen
  • Memo field for messages from the teacher
  • Highlighted translated text line at the bottom of the screen allows teacher, aid, parent, or friend to read along with student
  • Text-to-Speech accessibility (allows independent student screen navigation)
  • Offers path for students to succeed with higher level mathematics and science
  • Compatible with JAWS

BERT Teacher Agent

The BERT Teacher Agent “Classroom” screen shows full classroom interaction between students and teacher. The top of the screen shows two lists. On the left is a list of students logged onto the current session. On the right is a list of all students assigned to the teacher, and their current (on-line/off-line) status.


  • Shows full classroom interaction between the teacher and students
  • Real-time display of all interactive dialog between teacher and student; what student is typing, what teacher types, and what student receives
  • Current line of Braille is displayed as text at the bottom of the page (for those with little to no Braille training)
  • Supports multi-student sessions for simultaneous instruction of up to fifteen students at a time. An unlimited number of students can be accommodated utilizing additional (Free) Teacher Agent applications.
  • Allows one-on-one interaction with students
  • Student assignments are posted, retrieved, and graded in the assignments tab
  • Lessons can be customized for individual students
  • Completed assignments are automatically uploaded to given student’s individual folder in the teacher’s student directory
  • COSMO allows lessons to be embossed by students when they receive assignments and when assignments are completed
  • Allows access to all applications available in the Duxbury Braille Translation program
  • Teacher’s input can be from computer keyboard, Braille display, or Cosmo
  • Compatible with Window-Eyes